Go local, young activist…and old and go deep and embrace

Go local, young activist…and old and go deep and embrace. I don’t care about people’s hearts. I want to change policies in a way that people’s darkest feelings cannot affect others.
We need #OneMovement for another reason. We need real, systemic change. We need to question the basic tenets of a system that keeps so many under so much stress and manages to make them believe it is their hungry neighbor who is doing it to them.

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Trump: Indictment and embodiment of the failures of the system

Trump is really the canary in the coalmine…or the crow in the gold mine, perhaps.
The free market is what happens to individuals, to people who lose everything to the likes of Trump and the rest of the more courteous looking and softer-spoken rich elite.

He is an indictment only insofar as he is unintentionally exposing the essential flaws of a system that allows people like him to flourish.

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