Next: Let’s get Merrick Garland a hearing!

We are down for the count, but we are not done. We can’t be done because, even if you are going to be alright, many, many won’t. I am more despondent and despaired than most, believe me. I get it. But I have seen the pictures of those who don’t have a chance to leave the fight to others. I have seen them threatened and beaten. And I be dammed if I’m going to be cowed by a bully and a bunch of savages who cannot even win graciously. 

Progressives, liberal, Democrats or whatever else you may call yourself should organize around getting Merrick Garland a confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court. The Republicans in the Senate stole an appointment from us and we are now bending over backwards to accept the election results. Fine: But the GOP would have to first accept the 2012 election results and respect the President’s prerogative to fill Supreme Court vacancies. If not, President Obama should appoint him outright…right now. Actually, there are a couple of petitions just to that effect (another one.)

If Senate Republicans don’t proceed accordingly, Democrats should obstruct any nominee until Garland gets a hearing and if Republicans invoke the nuclear option, we, progressives of all stripes and anyone who professes to respect the Constitution, should mobilize and stand in front of Congress for as long as it takes and representatives will have to bring their cots to sleep in there. 

We should send this message NOW, because there is still time. If Hillary Clinton had been elected, they would be considering the hearings, so, it is not undoable. 

This is a very discreet issue to take a stand on, but it is a squarely fair one and it may be a good one to mobilize around. Let’s channel the rage and the strength of current protests and disillusionment with the system and the results of this sham election to make a concrete move and begin unifying around #OneMovement.

We can hardly expect Hillary Clinton or ever-accommodating President Obama – more concerned with respectability and appearances than with actual progress and taking a principled stand – to lead this, so, I guess we have to lead it. 

The time, as the cliché goes, is really now. 


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