Idealism in politics and the upcoming elections

“Being loyal to philosophy means not allowing fear to diminish our capacity to think.
Max Horkheimer.
I am an idealist. I am also quite pragmatic. For instance, I was for Hillary last time around, because I thought she had experience and lacked fear. She had a spine that got only hardened by the humiliations she suffered in the public eye.
She also campaigned in prose, which made her looked less inspiring than Obama who campaigned in verse, but ended up doing many of the prosaic things Hillary had suggested and for which she was criticized – the individual mandate on the health care reform comes to mind.
I come from a place – Cuba, that is – where too much idealism ended up being the seed of a complete lack of ideals and ideas. Stagnation was the price to pay for a dream that really counted on men as they should be and not as they are. To say nothing of the greed for power of those directing the dream.
However, as a mother I have a serious problem with the idea of telling my daughters that politics, the stuff we use to live a civilized life, is vane, abject and devoid of principles.
I am an idealist who believe we actually can have it all because we have much more than we need, we just need to learn to share better.
I am an idealist because I believe that politicians should stand there and tell the truth. But I don’t mean a truth that is merely not a lie. I mean the real truth that will hurt but that will make us all work towards common goals with our share of sacrifices.
We have brought upon ourselves this childish way politicians treat us now. We can’t seem to be able to handle collectively the truths that we – or at least most of us – handle individually when it comes to our own life, income, home budget.
Yes, something gotta give. In order to have a decent healthcare system that covers the basics for everyone we all need to fork over some money. And, yes, those who have more should fork over more because the ones who don’t have health insurance can’t fork over anything. I am not a fan of the health care reform, because what I wanted and want is pure and simple universal coverage except for plastic surgery and liposuction. And, yes, since as far as I have heard abortion is not an elective beautifying procedure and can’t be performed in a public bathroom without grave consequences, it should be covered the same way any other medical procedure would be. At the end of the day, abortion is always only illegal for those who cannot afford to travel to where it is legal.
I am so liberal that I am afraid I may end up on the right for going so far to the left. But that doesn’t mean that I can accept the idea of taking the left side just because the right one absolutely stinks. And, yes, I’ll go to the left regardless in the next election – Warren would be great, thought – because I’ll be too afraid to let things roll and learn later that there was only one vote missing for Clinton, so we ended up with Perry.
I want a candidate who would bore me to tears but actually will do what needs to be done. I’m tired of the “have a beer with candidate” because you won’t actually drink with them anyways. I do not need to fall in love with a candidate…they are usually to old fashion for my taste, and I have a man for the love thing. Unless we grow up as voters and citizens and start being willing to hear unpleasant truths and don’t condemn elected officials for making sound if hard decisions, we would keep going in this circus that we now witness…passively, painfully.


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