Two very different kisses…The legacy of the Monarchy.

As the world looks in owe at the heirs of the Monarchy getting married, and an expectant crowd waits for them to kiss publicly on the balcony of the Buckingham Palace , today the NPR Morning Edition show had the story of another very different kiss. The Storycorp booth recorded the story as told by the protagonists, who were 7 and 9 years old when they played a game and were kissed by a White girl. ‘The Kissing Case’ And The Lives It Shattered tells the story of the legacy of that Monarchy we so highly celebrate now, and whose kisses are so sought after.
Two Black boys accused of rape and beaten by white police officers for the unthinkable sin of getting a kiss in the cheek from a white girl. They were condemned to spend the rest of their youth in “reform school” until they turned 21.
Yeah, I know you would say they newlyweds have nothing to do with this, but they do. They are the heirs to the throne – obviously, particularly him – in every respect. They are where and what they are, because of the colonies and the heirs of the slaves that so enriched them.
Hail to the Crown! Long Live the Queen!
Learn about the Kissing Case
Great book about the Monarchy and the Slave Trade:
Hugh Thomas: The Slave Trade: The History of the Atlantic Slave Trade 1440-1870 (Picador, London, UK, 1997)


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