Aren’t You Sick and Tired of Health Disparities? Open Your Mouth, Then!

Time is running out to comment on the National Plan for Action. Changing Outcomes – Achieving Health Equity. The open period closes on February 16. I think we should all chime in and comment if we expect change to happen.

Yes, I’m as cynical as the next gal, and I know the government does not work always as the amount of taxes we put in would make us expect. But, if you have another choice right now, I’m all ears!

Even to change the system we have, we need to participate. Just say no, ain’t cutting it either.

This plan was developed collaboratively with the private sector, several government agencies, and a multitude of non profits and foundation partners. A great step forward is that we are finally discussing health and health disparities in the larger context of the social determinants of health.

So, let me show you a bit of the National Plan for Action. Changing Outcomes – Achieving Health Equity, and I hope you’ll go, check it out, comment, scream, make suggestions, demand that it starts from scratch. Whatever you do, just do not keep silent!

What You Can Do?

Read the Plan

Make general comments on the Plan

Read the Chapters

1 – IntroductionComment on Chapter 1

2 – The Current ContextComment on Chapter 2

3 – Strategies, Benchmarks, Actions and MeasuresComment on Chapter 3

4 – Implementing the National PlanComment on Chapter 4

5 – Evaluating ProgressComment on Chapter 5


You can download the Plan on pdf:



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