Herndon, the fear factor

In this controversy about the Day Labor Center in the town of Herndon, one could see the fear as a main component of the opposition. And an irrational fear at that.

The accusations thrown at those who oppose the site are that they are bigots, hypocritical, racists, anti-immigrants. And of course, some are. In the same way that some of the day laborers that now gather at the 7-Eleven are indeed rude, criminals, heavy-drinkers… and undocumented.

The key word is “some.”
The fear of Herndon’s residents who oppose the site is that their home prices will go down, the area will become more insecure, there would be overcrowding, and tax payer money would go to the support of undocumented aliens.

They fear, in two words, the destruction of their American Dream. What they probably don’t realize is that the laborers who gather at the 7-Eleven are in the same quest. They also have a dream or two they’d like to see come true. They already took a very long trip, and burned the bridges behind.

One of the groups have a website called “Save Herndon.” They exhibit pictures of the day laborers gathered in the 7-Eleven. The first picture is of a young Hispanic (he looks Hispanic, at least) male making an obscene gesture to the camera. The caption reads: This is a sure way to increase property value.

The rest at Herndon, the fear factor


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