Patience, he asked

From the Washington’s Voz, the bilingual newspaper of Washington DC Metro Area.

Judith Miller, the New York Times reporter who decided that principles were still worth going to jail for, was getting ready for her gourmet lunch in prison when President Bush urged Americans to be patient and “not to prejudge the outcome of the investigation based on media reports.”

The president was referring to the investigation on the rol played by his top political advisor and, for many, the gray eminence behind Bush’s political gains, Karl Rove, who sat quietly behind Mr. Bush as he spoke to reporters.

Sources have it that Rove is indeed involved in the leaking of the name of CIA agent Valerie Plame, in what was generally seen as political revenge against her husband, Joseph Wilson, who was a fierce critic of the Iraq war and wrote a column showing that the case for war was exaggerated.

Miller is in jail for not revealing her sources, regardless of the fact that she didn’t even write a story, when she perceived she was been used to further the administration’s purposes. Matt Cooper has testified in front of the Grand Jury and has pointed to Rove, who had previously told White House press secretary that he had nothing to do with the issue.

The president had promised to give a one way ticket out of Washington to whomever in his administration was linked to the leaking of Plame’s name. (Now, of course, Rove didn’t say her name. He only said ‘Wilson’s wife,’ and since polygamy isn’t a crime, it could have been anyone in Wilson’s harem.)

But, as Republicans are saying, this is mere politics. So, since the President asked for patience, let’s use our time as quiet Americans to recall some unrelated facts, while we wait for the outcome of the investigation.

Wilson said the case for war was exaggerated. Time has proven him sadly correct. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, no yellow cake being sold, no case for war. But Plame’s career was over anyway. And latest numbers indicate that over 128,000 civilians have patiently died there, along with over 1,600 American soldiers. All of this in a supposedly altruistic quest to bring freedom of the press and the ability to preserve the confidentiality of the sources to Iraq.

That war in Iraq also would have helped fight terrorists there – yes, those terrorists that weren’t there in the first place, but that the President, in absence of any other justification for an unjust and illegal war, keeps mentioning in the same sentence with September 11, 2001 – so we didn’t have to fight them at home. I guess London is not home, is it?

Patience was dwindling when the pictures of more than 20 dead Iraqi children showed up on the screens. Probably the parents of those children do need some of that therapy Rove said liberals and Democrats wanted to provide for the September 11 attackers.

Rove is a man of action, not like those weak liberals that did not want to respond to the carnage of 9-11 with over two years of sustained carnage. And patience is required here too, since nobody knows when or how we may be able to extricate ourselves from that mess we created.

Who could teach us a thing or two about patience are the detainees in the Guantanamo prison camp. They have been there for two years now, many of them don’t even know why, without access to lawyers, and without the quaint Geneva Conventions except “ where military necessity has allowed.”

Patience, the President asked… and the public will quietly wait.


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