Well, what was wrong with those abuse pictures, anyway? How can we condemn Graner and promote Gonzáles? HOW!!!???

How can we condemn Graner and promote Gonzáles? HOW!!!???

It’s a shame, but it’s more than a shame. It’s incredible, but it’s more than incredible.

I read an article in The Nation a couple of days after the elections in which the author said not to tell her now:”don’t mourn, organize!” Her rational was that things had gotten so bad, that it was impossible not to mourn, and despair. Well, she ain’t seen nothing yet!

I was thinking back then: mourn, and organize!

We have to mourn, because the issues at play in the past election were really grave ones, and the country or more than half of it decided to go against everything that we supposedly hold dear. And if we look to the history of the last four years – yeah, I’m not into looking to the future now, I’m not that brave!- there is a trend of cowardice and politics put on top of every other interest. No one Democrat senator stood up with the black representatives to oppose the “election” of George Bush…and they still expected the African American community to vote for them.

We have to mourn the America we loved, and organize to resuscitate it (forgive the religious reference.) You know what, I’m willing to support a party that it’s willing to lose an election is that what it takes to stand for its core values and principles, for what is actually right, and for what America should be about.

The cowardice of the Democrats was once again shown in public television with the confirmation hearings of the criminal Alberto Gonzáles to the highest post in the defense of the laws of this country. It was a circus of the worse type! It certainly reminded me of the “trial” of Arnaldo Ochoa in Cuba, but in a reverse way: here the government is appointing a criminal, someone who justified torture by changing its name, someone who said that only organ failure could be considered torture, someone who in the past ignored evidence that would exonerate people on death row, someone with such a distinguish record of good judgement, to the position of Attorney General; and this man Mr. Gonzáles has the nerve to actually promise that he would not do it again and that he would oppose torture. Wow! We are in good shape over here! The man to be responsible for the safekeeping of our laws is repenting from torture trends, and promising to uphold all the “quaint” and “obsolete” international treaties that U.S. has signed over the years.

And since irony is the spice of life, today, a day after the confirmation hearings of the man that signed the memos authorizing torture, U.S. Army Spc. Charles Graner, the accused ringleader of the Iraq prisoner abuse scandal goes on trial on Friday. His defense? He was following orders. And I’m wondering how people could be so outraged by those pictures of abuse and with a straight face now confirm the man who actually authorized those abuses.

In fact, those pictures were not torture at all: where is the organ failure in stepping on the fingers of a bunch of Iraquies? How can the liver stop functioning just because you keep them naked and force them to masturbate into each others mouths? Only the man that punched one in the chest so hard that make him collapse may be accused of torture, because the heart may have stopped working right there, didn’t you read the memo????!!!

Like always, I can’t help but wonder what we would have said if the hooded ones were Americans.

How can we condemn Graner and promote Gonzáles? HOW!!!???

And to the Hispanic community – that’s me, for those who wonder – I will remind them that having a Hispanic last name does not entitle you to anything, don’t play into their game of using diversity as a tool to impose their most backward policies, their most repugnant discrimination, don’t let either the religious matter to become the weapon of the right wing. Extreme religiosity has helped many tyrants to rule, don’t forget that!


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