Remembering Casablanca

After being awake most of the night, and crying my eyes out, I have now to accept what seems to be the fact: Bush was reelected… by us!

And that makes me think of many things: what is actually the Republican base? Is it the rich? No, because there are not that many of them to get anyone into the White House. Their base is the really poor, not well educated and extremely (extremist) religious people. That’s why people whose kids are dying in Iraq, so they can get a way to go to college, for some WMDs about whose disappearing Bush was laughing, are still willing to vote for Bush.

But the point now is: what the democratic party’s base is? When I got to clean my tears from my face, I remembered when in the movie Casablanca, the protagonist said: “We will always have Paris.”

Well, we will always have 2008, and even if it looks to fast to start thinking about it, just think for how long Republicans have being organizing themselves, and preparing the soil. Also, look how they do not destroy each other in Primaries, and actually concentrate all their efforts on their agenda behind one man.

Now it’s the time to Move On, and to remember that the only way we could gain people to our side is to show them exactly how the issues affect them, and not only things like: vote or die.

We need to think, and not mourn, but organize. We need to think, and make people think.

My second mom called me around 10 pm yesterday, when I was totally hopeful we will win, and she was convinced we would not win. I thought, and told her, she was crazy, but then she said: “I have been going door to door in PA, in an African American and Hispanic very poor community, and those families in the most complete poverty are voting for Bush because of religious issues. I entered in a house of a black family with only one chair to sit on and they were voting for Bush.”

Well, if the Republican can manipulate them this way, why can’t we work with them (not on them) to sort out their issues and move on?

I don’t know. It’s very weird for me to hear that religious issues or moral values have such an impact in this century. If I ever put a foot in a church again it will be too soon!

We are educating people to be focused on those issues, we indoctrinate them since they are kids on the idea of God, and they have not way of thinking outside those issues even when that means to impose their faith on someone else. And, paired with a religious education, we take good care of given our kids a very, very, very poor quality education, so we can keep a base of uneducated, manipulable people, that keep buying Hollywood movies, and consuming junk as crazes, and going to church on Sundays… and to the army instead of a good college.

We need to be more honest about many, many things, and much more open even if that bring a big discussion, because now what has happened is that we keep things in the same way, we don’t discuss the origins of the problems, but the outcomes. We need to go deeper, and start now, if we are really concerned with the future of America and the world.


One response to “Remembering Casablanca

  1. Some really good thoughts. I, too, felt that this was a contest between the educated and the uneducated. Of course under Bush there are more of the uneducated, his main base. It hurts to be smart sometimes, doesn’t it?


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