I really think this time the press wont have the opportunity to spin the facts against the Democrat Party and the democrat presidential candidate. Kerry won the debate by and large, funny enough with the same kinds of strengths Gore presented against Bush last time around, except that back then, because everybody thought that Bush was not able to articulate two sentences in a row, and he managed to do so, it was consider almost a miracle for him, and that gave him his supposed victory on the debate. But, what about the issues? He did yesterday, what he did in 2000 -its obvious because he has no ability to do something else or go out of the script- repeat a tiring list of empty slogans, avoid answering specific points by resorting to a weird speech on freedom, and appropriate as if they were his only the most common points and more shared values that anybody will have to agree with: that a free Iraq is good for everyone, that the world is better off without Hussein, that America’s decision on defense could not be left to others. However, once again he left the real questions unanswered: yes the world is better w/o Hussein, but why are we there anyway? Did we go because he was a dictator or because he had WMD? What was the accomplished mission? Is Iraq in the road to success now, how so?

And the list goes on and on. He attacks without any factual response, and, since his mind is rather one way, he has trouble understanding the fact that facts actually should make one change the course of things whose course is wrong.

And he did not miss the opportunity to change the speech and say that “global test” means asking other countries for permission, instead of “passing the global test” meaning passing the test of meeting all the conditions to make it legal and acceptable to take a preemptive action.


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