Blacks and Hispanics, the Irrational Fight

What about a program about the racism (this is against blacks) among Hispanics? This is such an interesting topic because it shows several instances:

1. It’s hard to forge an alliance between blacks and Hispanics, because they have deep distrust of each other -which has been carefully instilled by the Whites or the power in a divide and conquer fashion- . However, this alliance will serve both minorities quite well: imagine the power they would have, if instead of being fighting for crumbs they demand response to all their needs, for ALL?

2. Many of Hispanics, some of them almost illiterate, are still very racist and consider even Powell or Rice inferiors, because they think that, regardless of how much they (the blacks) may have or know, they could never change their color. This is interesting because this has to do with slavery in our countries (I’m a black Cuban) and with the idea of blacks being lower class, delinquents, etc.

3. Since there have been benefits for both minorities, each minority has the tendency to fight for the benefits the other minority has, instead of demanding its own.

4. The latest effort to divide is the recurrence to the problem of the language, and the insistence on the fact that language is what makes Americans so. Which is recurring to the only thing that whites and blacks in America have in common, and Hispanics -also referred to as the Hispanic Challenge- don’t. Obviously, each time other issues of poverty and lack of access are discussed, clearly Hispanics and Blacks would have much more in common.

5. Hispanics supposedly threaten the low paying jobs which are normally the place for blacks. This is a disgusting rational, as you may notice, because it’s circumscribing blacks to those miserably paying jobs, that they need not to take, because they actually speak English and could have or should have had the opportunity to have a good education -not even getting into the issue of not needing to exist jobs that don’t pay a livable wage, but that’s a separate program- and those cleaning jobs are “normally” held by immigrants, because of the language barrier and therefore inability to work more qualified jobs. This fight for low paying jobs (and for control of crime zones, too) have ignited violence among both communities.

This could be a never ending issue, but it is soooo interesting and challenging, and so up to date.


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