No, no lid on your double latte.

Referring to a Washington Post opinion piece by Roxanne Roberts.

Ms. Roberts,

I guess when you wrote this piece, you took in consideration the fact that nursing

has become an uphill battle for women and that the reaction -which you consider

overreaction- of many women to new limitations on it comes out of the battle to

make nursing acceptable again as the natural, and actually best alternative for


Since you are in the communications business you know the power of this kinds of

messages -actually, you are using your own power to ridicule those who have no means

to make their voices heard as much, and who actually have to “stage” -that

was your word, right?- things to get attention.

Do you know in how many instances breastfeeding has been prohibited? The lack of

a latte probably won’t kill anyone, but women have to do great many things, at many

different hours with their babies attached to them, so I guess you will say that

it is ok to nurse in the waiting hall of the school office while registering an

older sister, but is wrong to do it at a coffeehouse, right? Why? Or what you are

actually saying is that women should stay home and nurse, if they want, but if they

want to have a nice hour with other moms at Starbucks they should not breastfeed

their kids, something like letting the 5 months old know how the schedule plays


Your piece is also ignorant of some medical facts: yes, breast pumps exist, but

they are not fun to use, and there is always the danger of a baby refusing breastfeeding

after being introduced to the bottle, plus what’s the point of staying home with

a baby if you will bottle-feed him/her?; second, women DO need that break at a coffeehouse,

without the added stress of a hungry baby crying out -have you heard of postpartum

depression?-; third, have you heard of the concept of “on demand breastfeeding?”

believe me, it does not include a “wait till I finish my latte, sweet girl.”

And, then comes the hypocrisy of staging a fight against breastfeeding in public,

while accepting commercials full of nudity at any hour, or accepting the usage of

the woman body for commercials of anything from toothpaste to computer monitors…

Or did you have a piece criticizing that and I missed it?


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